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Tuesday, February 19 2019 @ 05:26 PM UTC

Commerative Copper panels, etc

History & Referenceseeking information on artifacts found. I recently found in the US two embossed copper panels mounted on wood frames from Panama. They are approx 18 inches square and depict scenes from the canal, one shows a ship at a lock port and is surrounded by the words "The Panama Canal Company 1950." I am seeking information concerning the event prompting their issue and potential/possible value. Also found with the panels is a hand made banner, framed under glass that shows an embrodered map of Panama with the canal, birds, symbols and colors I do not recognize and an hand stitched US Flag. The flag has 55 stars!!!! It appears to have been locally made. Can anyone point or guide me to a source for further investigation of these items? I appreciate your assistance. bob
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