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Thursday, June 20 2019 @ 04:01 AM UTC

Bay of Panama Mangroves Will Be Protected While Studies Are Carried Out

Environmental IssuesThe Mayor of Panama issued a decree prohibiting any earth moving, land fills, or construction within the wetland area that forms the Bay of Panama, until scientific studies are carried out to determine the treatment this area will be given. The document states in its preamble that the area of ​​the Bay of Panama and its surroundings have important ecological roles as regulators of water regimes and are a critical habitat for endangered wildlife. Decree No. 2339 which bears the signature of the Mayor of Panama, Roxana Mendez and the Secretary General, Catibel Franco Arias also notes this area is covered with natural vegetation, so it is necessary to promote its conservation, protection and management for sustainable present and future use. The new standard is a reminder that the office of the Mayor of Panama, through the Department of Works and Construction, is responsible for issuing permits for construction, improvements, additions to structures, demolition and earth moving within the district.

Given this it is necessary to strengthen actions of conservation, protection, rational use and management of ecosystems to prevent ecological damage effect that could be caused by new construction in the wetland areas in the Bay of Panama. The issuance of the decree coincided with a meeting held by Mayor Roxana Méndez with a committee of environmental experts, who will present a series of recommendations as to the rules that can be dictated by the Mayor of Panama for land use in areas of mangroves and wetlands that are in the Bay of Panama. The mayor said until the future land use for the area is finally defined "we will protect the use of that area in order to safeguard the interests and integrity of the inhabitants of the sector."

The commission is meeting with a team of experts from the Mayor's office and the Mayor herself, to make recommendations for rules which should ensure environmental protection and any type of work that is respectful of the environment and the safety of those living all along that coast. The meeting was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Public Works, ANAM, SINAPROC, SPIA, ANCON, NATURA, CAPAC, Faculty of Architecture at the University of Panama, USMA, Smithsonian Institution and APEDE. The commission meeting with the mayor shall have a maximum of 60 days to submit recommendations aimed at protecting the mangroves and the environment demands that are required by the inhabitants of the area. (Dia a Dia)

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