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Thursday, July 31 2014 @ 03:36 PM EDT

Opposition Parties Unite Against Martinelli

PoliticsThe Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), the Popular Party (PP) and the Panameņista party joined together this Friday, 15 June 2012, to call for the creation of a United Front for Democracy, to reject the latest government actions, including the designation of the judges of the Fifth Chamber and the approval of bills that allow the sale of state shares in electric utilities. About the appointment of the judges to the Fifth Chamber, the president of the Panameņista party and Vice President of Panama, Juan Carlos Varela said "what happened was an assault on democracy." "It is a State matter, not an election issue. It is a matter of defending democracy," said the Vice President, whose party broke the alliance with the ruling Democratic Change in August 2011, after President Ricardo Martinelli dismissed him from office of Minister of Foreign Affairs.

From the headquarters of the Panameņista political party and sitting in the center of the table together with the Secretary General of the PRD Mitchel Doens, and the President of the Popular Party Milton Henriquez, Varela said the three opposition parties have closed ranks in the defense of democracy. "Democracy belongs to three million Panamanians, not to political parties, so we call to defend democracy, because the Fifth Chamber is the beginning of disrespect for democracy," he said.

PRD - Doens said the President and his government "is destroying the country's institutions, acting against the law; they are trying to give continuity to his government to continue in a dance of millions and extract [the state] resources for their own interests." The PRD leader also said, faced with the nominations to the Fifth Chamber, "we have come together to make our positions known, and to echo those in the society who also share and make the same calls." At the time when the Fifth Chamber was approved, it was intended to address social and labor issues, said Doens, while saying Ricardo Martinelli wants to build it as a structure of constitutional interpretation and analysis, and "we are sure he wants to do it in his own way for his future electoral intentions." About the joining of the parties that have been antagonistic and strongly criticizing one another, Doens added: "We are not at war with the other political parties. Even at the grassroots level we have had a series of coincidences and demonstrations."

Popular Party - Meanwhile the President of the Popular Party Milton Henriquez said in addition to destroying institutions this government is auctioning off the national heritage, by selling the shares of the telephone and electricity companies, and the lands of the Colon Free Zone. "What is happening is that it seems they want to buy the goods of the Panamanian state cheaply," he said. On the issue of appointment of judges of the Fifth Chamber, Henriquez said the president is making an institution as he sees fit because he wants to open a path in his project to remain in power. "What is at stake is whether there will be elections, if there will be democracy, if there will be freedom of expression," he said. The PP president urged people to defend "our liberties from a person who was elected democratically but does not govern democratically." (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Pedro Miguel Gonzalez standing behind Juan Carlos Varela. Now, isn't that special. These guys will blow anybody to get back in power.

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Opposition Parties Unite Against Martinelli
Authored by: Anonymous on Friday, June 15 2012 @ 03:23 PM EDT

Believe it or not, Doens and Varela together,
this photo should be framed.