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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 07:47 PM EDT

Moscoso and Aleman Reject "Front" Formed By Panameņistas and PRD

Mireya Moscoso and José Miguel Alemán - Prominent Panameņista Politicians
Mireya Moscoso and José Miguel Alemán - Prominent Panameņista Politicians
The former presidential candidate of Panameņista political party, José Miguel Aleman, condemned on Friday the creation of a unified front the front between this group, the PRD and the Partido Popular (PP), especially the union between the PRD and the Panameņistas. In a press release Aleman said "the PRD has not apologized for its dictatorial past." Aleman ran as the candidate for the Panameņista party in 2004, an election won by Martin Torrijos. In that same election the now president Ricardo Martinelli came in last place.

This week there was a joint press conference at the headquarters of the Panameņista party on Ave. Peru there was a joint press conference, and the three political leaders - Juan Carlos Varela of the Panameņista party, Mitchell Doens, the Secretary General of the PRD, and Milton Henriquez, President of the PP, shook hands for the cameras. They joined forces in opposition to the appointment of the three new judges of the Fifth Chamber to the Supreme Court, and the sale of the state owned shares in the Cable & Wireless telecommunications company and the electric companies.

"We are very much dismayed today over the appearance of Vice President Varela with the Secretary General of the PRD party ... they have never apologized to the country. Not to the Panameņistas who were the most affected, but the country," Aleman said in a statement. While he added he is opposed to the way the current government of Ricardo Martinelli has handled the theme of the Fifth Chamber, "I do not agree with the inconsiderate and surprising appearance of Vice President Varela with Mr. Mitchell Doens." The Panameņista said they are a political party with a history and it does not right to sit with "a man who is the most conspicuous figure of the political party that for for 21 years, severed our political rights, exiled us, and imprisoned us."

The former President of the Republic Mireya Moscoso thinks the same way, saying on RPC television she was "surprised" by the pact signed by the PRD with the Panameņista party. "Everything they (the PRD) did to us," she criticized and castigated the meeting at the headquarters of (Panameņista) political collective. She regretted that Doens and Pedro Miguel Gonzalez were "in the house that was bought" for the Panameņistas. Moscoso not agree with the Fifth Chamber and the sale of shares in Cable & Wireless and the electrical companies, but she said they no not have to "get together" with people of the PRD.

Meanwhile, the former president of the Republic, the PRD's Martin Torrijos, via Twitter sent his congratulations to Henriquez, Varela and Doens for the front created on Friday, 15 June. "A union in defense of democracy. Neither the past, nor the electoral selfishness can leave us without a future," said Torrijos, who Moscoso had accused of persecuting her just as her term in office ended (1999 - 2004). (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Think about Roberto Eisenmann, the owner of the La Prensa newspaper. Who does he hate worse - the PRD or Ricardo Martinelli? Some of the Panameņistas like Varela and Blandon think they will be taking the "lesser of two evils" by going with the PRD over Martinelli. In fact Varela screwed up severely back in August 2011 when he and Blandon decided to torch their alliance with the CD, and Martinelli has been making them pay for it ever since. He's been chopping them out of positions of power one by one - a perfect example being the Mayor of Panama City with Ricardo Bosco Vallarino the Panameņista gone, replaced by Roxana Mendez of the CD. However I think this is yet another serious and significant miscalculation by Varela, who's calling the shots. What, does he expect to run as the Vice President for whoever is heading the PRD presidential ticket in 2014? Of course not. But this move to suck up to the PRD and form a "front" is only going to convince more Panameņistas that they have no political future whatsoever if they stick with Varela. Therefore, they will simply join the Molirena party (later) and combine forces with the CD candidate come election time. It's still going to be a three way race between the PRD, Panameņistas, and the CD. This is a sort of interim move, mostly because having seven out of twelve Supreme Court justices appointed by the CD scares the hell out of all of the relatively old and corrupt politicians, the guys who used to run this country. They are friggin' shaking in their boots. Trembling at the prospect. Really. Martin Torrijos and Balbina Herrera are still staring down the CEMIS case. Martinelli is trying to generate as much leverage and friction as possible against Blandon as well. Having the Supreme Court in his back pocket makes it easier to bust up (and throw in jail) the political opposition. Really, this is a game changer. I'm sure the wires between the US Embassy and Washington DC are glowing...

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