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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 09:57 PM EDT

Chaos In The National Assembly - Security Loses Control

PoliticsThe security guards at the doors of the National Assembly lost control of the situation at noon today, when several people tore down the partitions that separate the public access areas from the positions of the Deputies of the National Assembly. In television images, it could be seen how some people were grabbed by security agents amid fights and struggles, while others hit the doors because they are not allowed access to the legislative chamber. Amid the tense situation, some of the Deputies are backing the protesters, while others who support the position of the CD and Martinelli are concerned about what is happening. It has been said that the maximum number of people allowed in the National Assembly has been exceeded. The authorities are calling for calm, but the chaos does not stop, in the stands slogans are hears such as "Panama is not for sale" by those who are opposed to the adoption of Bill 486, which allows for the sale of state owned shares in the electrical companies, the sale of the state owned shares in the telephone company, and the ratification of the three newly appointed Supreme Court judges. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: The PRD presidential candidate and former Panama City Mayor Juan Carlos Navarro just arrived with a group of supporters, and they literally tore down the security gate and forced their entry. There are now too many people in the public stands of the National Assembly. There is apparently no security or any kind of control in the area. The Assembly has declared a recess, but the protesters remain. At this point I don't think the session has been officially suspended or cancelled for today.

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