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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:37 AM EDT

Position of Mireya Moscoso Criticized

PoliticsThe negative stance of former president Mireya Moscoso on the merger of the three opposition parties to counter the actions of President Ricardo Martinelli and his government, caused several people, through their Twitter accounts, to remind the former president of her encounters (meetings) with the former general Manuel Antonio Noriega. Moscoso said through several news outlets she was "offended" by the alliance of the Panameņista party with the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) and the Popular party, which seeks to prevent the appointment of the magistrates of the Fifth Chamber to the Supreme Court, and the sale of the state owned shares in the power and telecommunications companies.

Yesterday, through the popular social network Twitter, the account @Fer27Francisco, two photos showing Moscoso in a meeting with the current governor of Panama Mayín Correa, Manuel Antonio Noriega, and his wife Felicidad Noriega Sieiro. The photographs provoked a wave of reactions in the tweeters: "Mireya does not care about the values Fufo had," said one. Another said "Her performance is unworthy and worse now at this moment." And another, "I dread the double standards of some people."

Moscoso, through the media, lamented that the PRD's Mitchel Doens and Pedro Miguel Gonzalez were at the headquarters of the Panameņista party, and denied that democracy is in danger. "When we were in the days of dictatorship, you could say there was no democracy. The PRD is only using the Panameņistas," she said. During her time in office Mireya reached a political agreement between the Arnulfistas and the PRD, so that the PRD Deputy Carlos 'Titi' Alvarado, who was as an advisor to Mitchel Doens, would be the President of the Chamber during that period. That was how she was able to get the National Assembly to endorse her appointments of Winston Spadafora and Alberto Cigarruista as judges of the Supreme Court (CSJ).

Moscoso acknowledged that the photos exist, but she said they were taken when Noriega was still a Colonel and not a General. "This is the work of my political opponents within the Panameņista party and the PRD, because I questioned the lack of respect for the memory of (Arnulfo) Arias has been done with this merger," she retorted. She said she would continue to criticize the alliance, because it was she who had to repeal the Fifth Chamber, created by the PRD at the hands of Ernesto Perez Balladares, and it was they who with the dictatorship caused so many deaths and who did so much damage to the country. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: There were a lot of people who met with Manuel Antonio Noriega while he was running the country. He had complete and total control over everything - and there were even stories of people who would seek meetings with "the General" in order to get a parking ticket taken care of. Noriega was a master at manipulating people and creating leverage to get what he wanted. If someone wanted to meet with him for whatever reason, then he would usually take the meeting, see what they wanted, and then try to find a way to turn the situation around so it would benefit him. I'm sure the higher levels of all active politicians would meet with Noriega at one point or another, for whatever reason. One of Noriega's favorite tricks was to have the Panamanian Defense Forces (before the National Police existed the country was run by the military) pull over some politician's kid. They would plant a kilo of cocaine in the trunk and then lock the kid up on trumped up, bullshit charges. Once the politician showed up at his office to get his kid released, Noriega "owned" him. Standard practice of the PRD, for many years. In my opinion, Varela was flat out WRONG to join forces with the PRD because they did a whole lot of evil for many years, especially against the members of the Panameņista party. Varela is ambitious, but at what cost?

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