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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 12:31 AM EDT

National Assembly Session Cancelled For Today - Starting Again Tomorrow At 9:00 Am With Better Security

Law & LawyersThe President of the National Assembly Hector Aparicio said this afternoon that today's session will resume tomorrow at 9:00 am. Aparicio said a group of people associated with Deputies from the opposition political parties arrived at the National Assembly, and caused property damage. "And, they endangered the safety of the Deputies of the National Assembly, the staff, and journalists," said Aparicio. When asked if they would take measures to control the entry of people to the National Assembly tomorrow, he said they would take some measures that will be announced tomorrow, during the meeting on 19 June. "We are going to meet with the board of the Assembly and members of the bench to make relevant decisions," said Aparicio. Aparicio insisted the debate cannot be stopped, "that's why the Executive convened these sessions," and it is the duty of the deputies to conduct special sessions. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Good call. Cancel the action today, clear the place out, and then implement strict entry controls tomorrow. So, the only thing the protesters did was cause a 24 hour delay in the proceedings, and the opposition politicians got some more face time on the television cameras. But at a fundamental level, the proceedings will continue without any meaningful change or alteration. Therefore, all of this today was just so much useless noise and "show." Well, I can understand why. The opposition has been reduced to these kinds of antics and tactics, because the CD and the government have all of the real power locked up. Public rants and displays of their dissatisfaction is all they have left.

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