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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 12:29 PM EDT

Opposition Describe Martinelli's Announcement As A "Triumph For The Panamanian People"

Protests & DemonstrationsMembers of the opposition political parties said they were "happy" after president Ricardo Martinelli announced that Bill 486 will be taken to the National Coalition for Development, and the issue of the Fifth Chamber would be addressed when there is a national consensus. The potential presidential candidate for the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Laurentino Cortizo, described the move as "a triumph of the Panamanian people."

Meanwhile, the leader of the National Council of Organized Workers (CONATO), Mariano Mena, after considering the president's announcement to the Nation as good news, said they would not cancel the march scheduled for tomorrow because the National Coalition does not give "any guarantee that will solve the issues."

Finally, Vice President Juan Carlos Varela said this has been a civic struggle and he urged Martinelli to respect the Panamanian people, as well as the balances and separation of powers, and to not take the country to "startle in shock." He ended by extending a call for calm and peace in the country, since there are still demonstrations outside the National Assembly and the School of Arts and Crafts between Protestants and the National Police. (Panama America)

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