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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 02:29 PM EDT

Colombian Assassinated In Broad Daylight - Right In The Middle Of Calle 50

Crime & PunishmentThe Colombian Jose Fernando Castiblanco Delgado, 42, was killed by a hit man who shot him - in broad daylight - seven times and then finished him off with three stab wounds. The death scene was one of the major vehicular arteries of the capital city: Calle 50, in San Francisco, at about 1:40 pm yesterday afternoon. Early versions suggest minutes earlier the Colombian had met with his driver and another person in a restaurant, according to a source close to the investigation. The second person's cell phone rang and he left, saying goodbye.

When Jose Fernando left with his driver after eating, the foreigner was surprised by his executioner. He ran 200 meters for his life. In desperation he got in between the cars that were driving down Calle 50. His executioner, upon seeing his target was escaping, pulled out his gun and fired, hitting him and causing him to fall to the ground, so far just wounded but not dead. The murderer approached and shot Jose Fernando nine times. One of the bullets hit the left door of a Chervolet sedan with license plate 466042. The unidentified assassin began checking the his dying victim and found a knife in his waist, which he sank into his victim's neck three times.

Then, he went to a corner. He took off an orange shirt he was wearing and threw it to the ground with the knife. He put on a black shirt. Then he crossed the scene of the crime where, according to witnesses, a taxi was waiting for him, and he left.

The Homicide Division of the Directorate of Judicial Investigation (DIJ) is investigating to determine if the Colombian was the victim of an ambush. They are checking the images of several video surveillance cameras installed near the scene. Officials of Criminology at the Institute of Legal Medicine counted nine 9 mm pistol cartridges at the scene. The victim had been investigated by authorities for an offense involving drugs, said a police source. This violent event produced a huge traffic jam. The spouse of the deceased arrived at the scene. (Critica)

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