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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 02:49 AM EDT

PRD Deputy Attacked National Assembly Vice President With A Police Baton

Crime & PunishmentThe Deputy and Vice President of the National Assembly Marcos Gonzalez, declared to the press he would be filing a lawsuit against the Deputy Raul Pineda, and today Pineda said he is "willing to face it." Deputy Pineda was the protagonist in an incident with Deputy Gonzalez, when he shoved him hard on Tuesday during the session of the National Assembly. The incident came amid a controversy over the discussion of Bill 486 that would allow for the sale of state owned shares in the electric companies. Pineda said the action was necessary, but expressed regret over what happened. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: The PRD Deputy Pineda introduced a Monadnock PR-24 side-handle police baton to the floor of the National Assembly, and attacked Deputy Marcos Gonzalez with it while the video cameras were rolling. Pineda came running up from Gonzalez's left, surprising him, slammed the baton onto the desk, and attacked and shoved Gonzalez in a very aggressive manner. Pineda did not hit Gonzalez with the police baton, but obviously his intention was to cause fear and intimidation. Pineda apparently feels like a real bad-ass when he has a stick in his hands. Maybe he missed his calling, because it looks like he would be qualified for a position on the old "Dignity Battalions" that beat the shit out of my friend Billy Ford. Notice how the Telemetro reporting on this incident failed to mention Pineda is a member of the Partido Revolucionario Democrático (PRD) political party, because that's the team they support in this game. He's nothing but a punk, and guys like this are the real reason the PRD is losing power and political influence. Hey Varela, happy with the members of your new alliance? Eisenmann? Nada? Do the ends justify the means? Remember that just a few months ago the leadership of the PRD was accusing Pineda of being a turncoat. Maybe he picked this moment to go "over the top" to regain their favor?

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