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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 05:16 PM EDT

Telemetro Reporter and Cameraman Briefly Detained

Panama NewsThis morning a reporter Milagros Córdoba and her cameraman Jermaine Cumberbatch who both work for channel 13 Telemetro were arrested by officers of the National Police in El Chorrillo, as they tried to conduct interviews and obtain views of the area. The news crew was following up on the status of those who were arrested during the clashes yesterday in the 5 de Mayo Plaza and the National Assembly. According to the journalist Cordoba, a sergeant tried to grab the camera from the cameraman who defended himself. The journalist said they were threatened by the police officer identified as Sergeant Espinosa. Meanwhile Mara Rivera, a spokeswoman for the National Police, confirmed the release of the journalists, because there was no reason for their arrest. The Director of the National Police Julio Molto and the Police Chief Bartolomé Agüero went there personally to resolve the situation. (Dia a Dia)

Editor's Comment: They were very briefly "detained" - like for maybe a few minutes. They immediately called back to Telemetro and it was on the air instantly. This little incident was quickly resolved - the low level cops at the scene screwed up. I've had cops on the street tell me "you can't video here" and I just look at them and ask "why not?" They never have a very good response, and I just ignore them. The National Police officers on the street could use a little more training on how to deal with the media. The higher ranking guys who are likely to appear on camera for whatever reason do alright, but the lowest level guys tend to screw up when you surprise them.

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