Lucy Molinar Denies Rumors Of Her Possible Resignation

Thursday, June 21 2012 @ 03:14 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

The Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, said this Thursday, June 21, she does not want to promote "the culture of the rumor mill." Her statement came as a result of a rumor circulating through the social networks since early Thursday morning indicating her supposed resignation from the position she has held in the government of Ricardo Martinelli. The Minister of Education was the only one who did not endorse and sign the appointment of the magistrates of the Fifth Chamber - because, she said, she "was not in agreement - and she also was not seen at the press conference held last Tuesday, 19 June, where Martinelli said he would pull back those Supreme Court nominations. On that day the President was surrounded by the closest members of his team.

She Will Speak With Martinelli - Molinar said on TVN Noticias, "I wish I could have talked to the president (Ricardo Martinelli) in order to know, to agree on some things." However, she neither confirmed nor denied the rumors circulating on the social networks about her potential resignation from her position as the Minister of Education. Molinar said: "As long as we can keep this horrible politicking out of education, I'll be here." The minister insisted she would remain at the Ministry of Education (Meduca) "as long as the country wants and accepts the idea of ​​taking this horrible thing out of the education system," referring to politics.

From the Palace of the Herons, sources consulted this morning noted that the Executive does not know anything about the possibility of Molinar's resignation. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Good for her. I've seen her on several television interviews, when she shows up to talk about the work she's doing to improve Panama's public education system. When the journalists start to ask her about the political topic of the day, Molinar will flat out say "why are you asking me about that? It's a political issue and it does not have anything do to with me. I'm here to talk about the work we're doing to fix this country's education system." And, she's doing it. Lucy Molinar has my vote for "Education Minister For Life" or at least as long as she wants it. The rest of Martinelli's ministers would be well advised to follow her LEADERSHIP and the example she's setting. And the fact that she refused to vote in favor of the Fifth Chamber appointments shows her independence and principles. Martinelli would be "loco" to fire her (whoops), and if she's not going to quit, then I doubt she's going anywhere. Her message is simple - she want's to be left alone so she can work. Makes sense to me.

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