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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:39 AM EDT

Panama City Mayor Delegates Authority To Approve Smaller Contracts To Her Secretary General

Panama NewsThe mayor of Panama City, Roxana Mendez, signed an order allowing her Secretary General, Catibel Franco Arias, to sign contracts in the Municipality of Panama up to the amount of $50,000 dollars. The decision is legal by Municipal Decree 2128 of 4 June 2012, through which the mayor of the district of Panama delegates some "necessary powers" to sign the legal documents required for carrying out these acts and to purchase goods and services required by the district capital. The document, which came into effect, was published in the Official Gazette 27060, on Wednesday, 20 June 2012 and bears the signature of Mayor Mendez and Franco Arias, General Secretary of Hatillo.

The General Secretariat of the Mayor of Panama will have the power to summon all of the public acts of contractor selection as well as the termination of these, and to preside over preliminary and approval meetings. The Secretariat General shall have the power to award or declare void public events to select contractors up to the sum of $50 000; power to sign contracts, purchase orders, receipts and orders to proceed up to the same sum of money. Similarly, according to the document, which consists of seven articles, he will have the authority to administratively resolve contracts or purchase orders to the sum of $50,000.

Article 4 of Decree 2128 of June 4, 2012 states the mayor "reserves" the right to "rescind this delegation when it deems necessary." The preamble to the rule cites as the legal basis as provided in Law 106 of October 8, 1973, Law 22 of June 2006, and Resolution 074-2008 of the General Directorate of Public Procurement. Mendez, of the ruling Democratic Change political party, was the understudy and now has six months in office following the resignation of the former mayor Bosco Vallarino. Franco Arias was her deputy minister when she was the Minister of Government, appointed by President Ricardo Martinelli. (Estrella)

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