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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 02:37 PM EDT

ATTT Has Issued More Than 2,000 Speeding Tickets With New Automatic Camera System

Cars & TransportationThe Land Transit and Transportation Authority (ATTT) reported today at a press conference at least 2,000 drivers have been fined for speeding, using a new camera system that was installed on 6 June 2012 at the entrance to the Costa del Este. In this areas offenders have been ticketed for driving at speeds of 80 to 100 kilometers per hour, when the speed limit in the area is 60 kilometers per hour. The ATTT said there is a sign in the area indicating the posted speed limit, but drivers ignore it. The General Secretary of the ATTT, Nicholas Brea, said so far they have only installed the camera system on this roadway at the entrance to the Costa del Este, but he said they have purchased 20 sets of equipment that will be installed throughout the city. This new system captures speeding vehicles or those who illegally pass through red lights, and automatically performs the process of issuing the fine electronically which is then sent via e-mail, cell phone, or text message. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: Someone sent me the following yesterday via email: "Hey Don, I received this email yesterday, maybe it helps. Attached places where cameras are installed. They are working and are located with these traffic lights:

    1. Two in Patacón, two on each side of the road in front of the institute of physical medicine (CRIT OF TELETON).

    2. Two in the path of the corridor north Brisas del Golf, both facing each other on the side of the SMART ACADEMY

    3. One in the exit of the south corridor in Llano Bonito, in front of Importaciones Universales.

    4. One in the entry of the south corridor in Llano Bontio, before INGELMEC

    5. One in front of Lumicentro in the Mall 24/7 after the Americas

    6. One about 500 meters from the base of the metro bus from Dec. 24, toward to Pacora

    7. One in front of Carolina Mall, in front of Rodelag

    8. One where starts the marine section, south corridor in direction to the city

    9. One in front of INADEH toward to the airport.

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