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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 06:11 AM EDT

Sister and Assistant of Deputy Raul Pineda Shot In San Miguelito

Crime & PunishmentA political campaign team member associated with the National Assembly Deputy of the Partido Revolucionario Democratico (PRD), Raul Pineda, was attacked last night by an armed group while campaigning on K Street in San Miguelito. The attack left one dead, who was identified as Gilberto Pinzon, who was an assistant for Deputy Pineda, and who aspired to run as a candidate to be a Representative of the township. Additionally, Annet Pineda, the sister of Deputy Pineda, was seriously injured in the attack.

The Deputy's sister was taken to the San Fernando hospital. Her family members and several political figures arrived at the hospital, such as President Ricardo Martinelli, in addition to ministers and members of the PRD political party. She underwent emergency surgery because the bullet lodged in one of her kidneys.

Pineda said the attack was motivated by political differences and that minutes before the attack he received a threat by telephone. Pineda also completely ruled out the possibility that the National Assembly Deputy Marcos Gonzalez had anything to do with the attack, as was speculated following an altercation they had during the week. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Sounds to me like this was more about local political conflict in San Miguelito, and less about the scandalous events in the National Assembly this week. Raul Pineda was the guy who attacked Marcos Gonzalez with a police baton in his hand on the floor of the National Assembly. Obviously, everyone immediately speculated that these two events were somehow related, which Pineda himself has denied.

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