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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 07:35 AM EDT

Juan Ramon Messina Denies Involvement In San Miguelito Shooting Last Night

Crime & PunishmentGiven the events that occurred last night on K Street in San Miguelito, Deputy Raul Pineda blamed Juan Ramon Messina, who is the husband of Kathy Ramos, who is running as a candidate for a position in the National Assembly as a Deputy representing district 8-6 for the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). In response, via telephone Messina denied having any part in the incident, in which Gilberto Pinzon was killed and Raul Pineda's sister Annet Pineta was shot, and who remains in critical condition.

Via telephone, Messina said on Thursday night there was a discussion (fight) between Kathy Ramos and Margarita Aldeano over the list of people who would be serving at the voting tables as volunteers or observers during the upcoming internal PRD elections to be held in July, during which convention delegates will be elected. Messina also said he had not called Pineda, as Pineda had declared on Thursday night to the news media who were in front of the San Fernando hospital. Messina said on the contrary he has more than 15 witnesses who can corroborate his version of events. Messina expressed regret that Deputy Pineda is using this situation as a "political banner" to damage the political career of Kathy Ramos. Messina said he would proceed legally against Pineda for having accused him without having any proof or evidence, and he would present a complaint for slander. (Telemetro)

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