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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:38 AM EDT

Lucy Molinar Hasn't Made Up Her Mind Yet - Still Might Resign

Schools & EducationAfter strong rumors of a possible change in the executive cabinet and that Education Minister Lucy Molinar might resign, she said she has not yet decided what she will do. When questioned by the media, Molinar said before making a decision she would meet with President Ricardo Martinelli, and the parents of school children. "I can not allow politics to be linked with the educational system," she said. Molinar was the only member of Martinelli's cabinet who refused to sign off on the judges who were designated to sit on the Fifth Chamber of the Supreme Court, which appeared in the Official Gazette number 27,057 on 15 June. Molinar said she does not know who wants her removed from the Cabinet, but said she was not surprised by this possibility. "I guess there are some people who do not want me in the Cabinet, but that's natural," she said.

El Siglo tried to obtain a statement from the Secretary of State Communications, Eduardo Camacho, but he would only say the possible departure of Molinar is "hearsay."

The Unions Make A Statement: Andres Rodriguez of the Teachers Association of the Republic of Panama, said Molinar "is confused, because politics will always be part of the education system" and she was named by the highest political figure in the country. While Yadira Pino, of the Veraguas Educators Association, said the minister should have resigned "a long time ago" and her decision to leave her post would be "an easy way out of the chaos she has caused in the education system." Luis Lopez of the Authentic Independent Teachers Association, said such a decision must be made by the president. He added that, if Molinar does resign, they would request that the new Minister be more accessible and communicative.

Molinar Receives Some Support: In response to statements made by Molinar, the Federation of Parents of Central Panama through its president Aixa Gomez expressed their support for the Minister's work, when they said she has "contributed to improving the teaching and learning methods of students." They also asked the president, Ricardo Martinelli, to not accept Molinar's resignation. Gomez said so yesterday at a news conference. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Lucy Molinar is one of the shining stars on Ricardo Martinelli's executive cabinet. From the very first day on the job Lucy has always said that she just wants to be allowed to do her job, and that politics should be kept out of the educational system. She's not a politician, she wasn't elected, so why should she be forced to play political games?

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