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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 03:53 AM EDT

One Person Killed In Windstorm - Hit In The Head By A Flying Table

WeatherOne person was killed and the roofs of several houses were blown off by strong winds that hit the provinces of Veraguas, Chiriqui, and the Ngäbe Bugle region between Wednesday afternoon and early yesterday morning, Thursday. As reported by La Prensa, in the community of Chumico in the district of Buenos Aires, in the Ngäbe Bugle region, a 39 year old woman died after strong winds lifted a table which hit her in the head. Six people were left homeless in that community. It was also reported in the districts of Guarumal and Rio Grande, south of Sona, the roofs were blown off of ten houses. The Eduardo Sánchez school, located in the community of Carrizal, was also damaged by falling trees on their structure. The Sinaproc reported that many trees fell onto roadways.

Chiriqui - In Alanje dozens of trees fell on the roadways, and a home in the community of La Noblesse was damaged after the storm recorded on Wednesday afternoon. Strong winds accompanied by heavy rains also caused losses in different areas among small farmers. Francisco Santamaria, director in charge of Sinaproc in Chiriqui, said emergency response personnel assessed the damaged house, which was only partially damaged. Meanwhile, residents of Bugaba reported hail in some parts of the district, but no damage was reported. (Mi Diario)

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