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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 02:32 AM EDT

INAC Will Present Coastal Strip Phase 3 Proposal To UNESCO

Infrastructure UpgradesThe Director of National Institute of Culture (INAC), Maruja Herrera, confirmed today 22 June on Telemetro that next week she will participate in the meeting of the World Heritage Committee to present the project of the third phase of the coastal strip. The proposal took a year to develop and had the cooperation of national and international experts. "We are optimistic that the World Heritage Committee will accept this very important project for Panama," said Maruja. She added that INAC is working not only on the Cinta Costera project, but also that of Old Panama. They are also working with the patronage of Portobelo and San Lorenzo. The World Heritage Committee will be tasked with evaluating the proposal presented by Panama, where they hope it will have a positive impact, said the director. However, it is possible that San Felipe is at risk of losing its accreditation as a World Heritage Site, if the third phase of the coastal strip is built. The meeting will take place in Russia, where 148 countries participated. (Estrella)

Maruja Herrera - Director of Panama's National Institute of Culture (INAC)

Editor's Comment: Because if Panama builds an infrastructure project anywhere near Casco Viejo, that would make it less of a "jewel" for humanity? I mean, it's not like they're going to bulldoze the place and build a Walmart. But I "get it" - the idea is to protect the old part of Panama City.

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INAC Will Present Coastal Strip Phase 3 Proposal To UNESCO | 1 comments | Create New Account
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INAC Will Present Coastal Strip Phase 3 Proposal To UNESCO
Authored by: Ivan Perez on Saturday, June 23 2012 @ 09:36 AM EDT

Sorry, personally I don´t get it. I can´t understand what is there to destroy if a road is built AROUND the area? As you say, if the place is buldozed to build an eyesore, I would be all against it, but a road aroud it?.... I would rather say that would be a bulwark to protect the place.....

I´ve seen dozens such structures in northern Europe, France and Italy.. In Italy´s sea coast there are roads that hug the old towns and cities and protect them front the sea. Nothing is lost, rather on the contrary.

I´m all for the road aroud the Casco Viejo and not the seaway that will ruin the view to the horizon. Just go to Avenida Cincuentenario and gaze at the horrendous bridge that mars the sea view.

Too many cooks spoil l the stew.

Ivan Perez
Giovanni Stagnaro