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Thursday, August 21 2014 @ 06:11 AM EDT

University Student On Hunger Strike Punks Out

Protests & DemonstrationsUniversity student Martin Castillo, after spending 16 days on a hunger strike at the University of Panama (UP), has ended his effort. Castillo decided to end his hunger strike because the Disciplinary Academic Council decided to expand the issue and do some reconsideration. It was learned the student lost 25 pounds during these days. The university expelled him from the university for three years, together with five other students after an incident that occurred last May which brought heavy vandalism on the campus of the University of Panama. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: The part about how the Disciplinary Academic Council has supposedly changed their stance and will now reconsider his case - that's bullshit. In fact this guy simply generated a few headlines, lost 25 pounds, and accomplished nothing. He's still expelled from the University of Panama for at least the next three years, along with the rest of the students who were thrown out with him. The rules have changed. These idiots who have been playing the role of "perpetual" trouble makers for decades now have a much smaller playing field. This guy just finally realized that being a martyr sounds much more romantic in a novel, or when it's someone else who is dying for a cause. He finally figured out that literally no one (besides his mother, maybe) gives a crap about his "cause." Bottom line - he punked out. Now he can go join SUNTRACS. Hey, what ever happened to that fat dude who supposedly joined this hunger strike effort? He apparently lasted for a day or two and then went for a Big Mac. No big announcement when he quit. Too bad - he was fat enough to have gone for months...

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