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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 02:57 AM EDT

Juan Hombron Residents Fear The Might Lose Their Lands

CorruptionResidents of Juan Hombrón are still concerned because they don't know if they might lose their lands after the scandal that occurred on this issue. The legal dispute over these lands began two years ago when two different groups tried to register possessory rights.

However, in response to the court ruling by judge Adolfo Mejia that granted a dismissal of the charges against the former Director of Land Titles of the National Land Authority, Anabello Villamonte, the President of the Republic, Ricardo Martinelli said the lands would be returned to the state. In this way Martinelli recognized the irregularities that government officials defended for more than a month about possible irregularities in sales.

The former Comptroller Alvin Weeden thinks this is a joke, because the crime was not well qualified at the time, because prosecutors accused Villamonte of crimes against the environment for the titling of the land in Juan Hombron, in the province of Cocle.

Despite being on the map of Panama, land of John Hombrón went unnoticed until the inhabitants denounced irregularities in the titling of 54 hectares of beachfront property. Wigberto Jaramillo, who tried to title the lands, said Villamonte knew that from the first day the plans of Jorge Luis Bethnacourt were delivered in which there were 13 other people, there was no one from the community included, and that same day "I filed the 28 plans from the residents of the community of Juan Hombron."

The lawyer Angel Gonzalez said there were irregularities in the inspections of the Direction of the tax office in Veraguas. In the middle of all of this, the inhabitants who have been living in Juan Hombron for years are afraid of losing their lands. (TVN)

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