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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 07:16 PM EDT

Two Arrested In Murder Of "Kiki" Pinzon in San Miguelito

Crime & PunishmentPanama's Auxiliary Prosecutor Dimas Guevara announced two men have been arrested for the murder of attorney Gilberto 'Kiki' Pinzon. A police source in San Miguelito said one detainee was captured on Thursday night, and another on Friday morning.

The prosecutor Guevara said they are gathering evidence from people who were at the scene when the murder occurred. They are also performing field tests to determine how the murder of "Kiki" Pinzon occurred, who was part of the team of PRD Deputy Raul Pineda.

Police said the 38 year old lawyer was shot 16 times as he left a meeting that had been held at the political center of the opposition Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD), located on K Street, in the district of Mateo Iturralde, in front of the Manuel María Valdés medical clinic of Paraíso, in San Miguelito. In the attack - which occurred at 11:30 pm on Thursday night - Deputy Raul Pineda's sister Almaida Aneth Pineda was also wounded, shot in the back.

Three Gunmen Were Observed: Deisy Makindo, who was there on the night of the attack, told El Siglo that after the meeting as they were leaving the political center and heading towards their vehicles the shooting broke out that took the life of "Kiki" Pinzon. The lawyer and Almaida Aneth Pineda were the ones who were heading the group - according to Deisy - and she said everything happened so quickly they only had time to seek refuge from the bullets. Deisy and other people who were at the scene who requested anonymity said they saw three young men hanging around the political center minutes before the attack.

Who Was "Kiki" Pinzon? Gilbert graduated from high school from the Instituto Comercial de Panama. He earned a BA last year in Rights and Political Science from the University of Panama. The victim who lived in Las Acacias, in Juan Diaz, was married and had two children. He was the eldest of three brothers. He worked for Deputy Raul Pineda for five years. Relatives commented that in his free time he liked to go out to discos. He actually managed to open a nightclub in San Miguelito, but he had to close it.

From January to May 2012 some 64 people have been killed in San Migueleito according to statistics published monthly by El Siglo. (Siglo)

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