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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 12:31 AM EDT

Martinelli's Lawyer Files Complaint Against Judges of Electoral Tribunal

PoliticsThe lawyer for the Democratic Change (CD) political party, authorized by party President Ricardo Martinelli, filed a lawsuit before the Supreme Court against the magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal in the case of El Bebedero. The lawsuit calls for the separation and removal of the magistrates Gerardo Solís, who is the President of the Electoral Tribunal; Eduardo Valdés Escoffery, the Vice President of the Electoral Tribunal, Erasmo Pinilla, and their respective alternates. Martinelli empowered the attorney Hugo Polo to proceed with the lawsuit against the judges.

State Communications Secretary Luis Eduardo Camacho said the suit was filed by lawyers representing the Democratic Change political party, authorized by the President and legal representative of the group, Ricardo Martinelli, and he criticized those who directly accuse the president. Government spokesman questioned whether the opposition seeks to misinform (the public). "This is not a demand (filed by) President Ricardo Martinelli ... they want to bring by the hair that the president sued the judges, it's an act of politics," said Camacho.

For Mariano Mena, a spokesman for the newly formed Front for Democracy, said "the President is behind this move," and said it is a way to control the elections of 2014. He said the three judges of the Electoral Court are adverse the intentions of the president, and for that reason he seeks to have them out of position to achieve his intentions to stay in power. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: The PRD controls the Electoral Tribunal, and in fact these judges have made many decisions based on politics that greatly favor the PRD and that go against the CD, so there really should be no great surprise that the CD as an organization would file a complaint against them, because (in fact) they have not made decisions that are fair, non-partial, unbiased, and free of politics. And predictably, the politicians from both the PRD and Panameñista political parties have come out and made strong statements against this complaint. But at the same time the PRD political party (as an organization) and the Panameñista political party (as an organization) have both filed lawsuits in the past against things when they have felt wronged, so the CD isn't doing anything either unusual or illegal. The difference is that the CD and Ricardo Martinelli has control of the Supreme Court. But even this situation has been true in the past for both the PRD and the Panameñistas, so they are in effect complaining about things similar to what they themselves have done in the past. Martinelli is shooting against the Electoral Tribunal because it's practically the one thing he doesn't currently control. They're the last man standing, and now they're taking rounds. Is anyone surprised? And given Martinelli's recent behavior, he will probably drop this case by Tuesday. Crazy, eh?

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