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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 06:31 PM EDT

Martinelli Will Withdraw CD Lawsuit Against Electoral Tribunal Judges

Politics By DON WINNER for - This morning the news broke that the Cambio Democratico political party had filed a lawsuit against the three judges of the electoral tribunal. For details see Martinelli's Lawyer Files Complaint Against Judges of Electoral Tribunal and Camacho Says Lawsuit Against TE Judges Was Filed By CD, Not Martinelli.

Rapid And Widespread Rejection: Almost immediately all of the primary politicians from the opposition parties pounced, and made "pronouncements" against the suit. Then later this afternoon Martinelli announced that the lawsuit would be pulled first thing Monday morning. Four hours ago president Martinelli said via his Twitter account: "Days ago I gave power to attorneys on the case about the elections in El Bebedero versus the electoral court judges. On Monday I will withdraw that demand." So, the problem has gone away before it could really grow legs.

This Is Scary - I Can Predict Crazy Shit: In my comments of the original story this morning I predicted that Martinelli would be cancelling this lawsuit by Tuesday morning. Well, I was right. He cancelled it, but it only took a few hours, and not a couple of days. In 2009 Panamanians elected "Los Locos" and now they're doing even more crazy shit, even more frequently. Is anyone surprised? I mean, if you elect someone who runs on a slogan of being "loco" shouldn't you expect some crazy antics every now and again? Appoint Supreme Court judges - just kidding. Going to sell state owned shares for about $1 billion dollars - "Gotcha again!" We're going to be suing the Electoral Court judges and use the Supreme Court to kick them out of office. No, not really, just kidding... Everyone, the journalists, opposition politicians, talking heads, are having problems keeping up. When things are going nuts, that's a good time to not go nuts yourself. But then there's this...

Bullshit "Chicken Little" Alarmist Crap: Then this evening I was forwarded an email issued by an irresponsible yellow "journalist" who made it sound like the world was going to light itself on fire come Monday morning. It said, in part - "There may be road blockages. There may be violent demonstrations. There may be labor strikes. There may be shortages in stores. There may be utility cutoffs. There may be police roundups of opposition figures. There may be a coup d'etat. It is not certain that any of these things will happen, but you should be prepared for them. A coup? Really? Give me a friggin' break. None of that is going to happen. If you receive that particular piece of uninformed reactionary crap via email, feel free to ignore it completely. Just breathe deeply, pour yourself a warm cup of tea, and keep reading Panama Guide, and your clue bag will be full enough to know what's going on. That just means you'll be just as as confused as the rest of us. Welcome aboard.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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