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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 08:41 AM EDT

"Kiki" Pinzon Might Have Been Killed By A Jealous Drug Trafficker

Crime & PunishmentThe investigations into the murder of a representative candidate for the PRD, Gilberto Antonio Pinzón Rios, are conducted on two fronts: a possible crime of passion or for his links to one of the gang leaders of Rio Abajo.

A source close to the investigation reported the authorities are investigating a version stating "Kiki" Pinzon had an affair with the wife of a drug trafficker while he was in prison. "It was not about a theft of drugs or because of political affairs. Everything in this case happened because a man was a grieved" because of the affair, is what one witness is alleging, according to the police source. Both Pinzon and the wife of the drug trafficker studied at the same school and they met during those years, but they had lost track of one another. Some time later they ran into one another at the nightclub named "The Building" located in the area of the ​​Zona Viva, where "Kiki" was associated with the soccer player Blas Perez. Since that meeting, they began an affair, which ended when her husband was released from the La Joya prison.

The other version being explored by the DIJ is Pinzon's connection to an alleged ringleader of a gang of Rio Abajo, who is full of enemies, and therefore two gunmen were ordered to shoot the politician, on Thursday night on K Street in San Miguelito.

The DIJ is examining Pinzon's cell phone to find the intersection of calls and photographs held in the apparatus.

Detainees - Three people were arrested for investigation for murder of "Kiki" but 24 hours later they were released.

One of them was Mario Alfredo Mercado, who works in the campaign of PRD politician Katiuska Itzel Ramos de Messina. Another man named Pimentel, was also investigated. "The homicide detectives searched my residence and asked if I knew the chief of Katy's campaign, the lawyer Juan Ramon Messina, and later they wanted to know if there had been a fight or a threat situation, which I denied," said Mercado.

Mercado, hours before the events of Thursday, spoke by telephone with "Pele", one of the aides of Deputy Raul Pineda, and then later he and the lawyer Messina talked, but the call was cut off and the Deputy called the lawyer back and they agreed to meet during the week to discuss the issue of the table juries for the upcoming internal PRD elections.

Meanwhile, the Public Ministry reported receiving information to verify and analyze, and they are receiving the statements of those who were at the scene.

The criminals were following the victim from the early afternoon, awaiting the best time to commit the murder, said the sister of the deceased, Deydicis Pinzon.


* Gilberto Pinzon Rios is the oldest of three brothers, one of them is the singer Dubosky. He studied at the Panama Trade and two years ago earned his law degree.

* On July 2, 2000, he was investigated as the suspected mastermind of the theft of $105,573.48 from the El Rey supermarket in El Dorado.

* He was president of the PRD in the village Jose Domingo Espinar.

* On May 20, he was arrested with a 9mm pistol and 8 rounds of live ammunition, but was released because the gun had no firing pin. (Critica)

Editor's Comment: This article was written by a friend of mine, William Sala. He's the best and most experienced homicide journalist in Panama. He's been doing this for years, and he's got the best sources developed within the National Police and Public Ministry. He's also not afraid to report from the point of view of "what we know so far" and with the understanding that things very well might change in the future as more information is developed. William also has great instincts, and he's smart. I've been collaborating with him since the murder of Toni Grossi Abrams in 2007.

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