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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:55 PM EDT

The Incidents Which Shot Down The Aspirations Of The National Assembly's Vice President

In January Marco González Showed His Fist To Another Deputy In The National Assembly
In January Marco González Showed His Fist To Another Deputy In The National Assembly
The first vice president of the National Assembly Deputy Marco Gonzalez was dreaming, maybe every night, of becoming the next President of the National Assembly for the period 2012-2013, but on the way these aspirations died. The political landscape does not accompany the deputy from the ruling Democratic Change (CD) political party.

On Tuesday afternoon, 31 January 2012 there was hand wringing, pushing and shoving in the National Assembly when they were going to vote on the proposal from that collective (the CD) to withdraw Bill 402 to adjust the functions of the Fifth Chamber. In the confrontation, Gonzalez, who was serving as the acting President of the National Assembly at the time, took off his ring, his watch and unbuttoned his shirt as a sign he was ready to fight, challenging Deputy Jose Luis "Popi" Varela to fight, and he even showed him his fist. Other deputies were pulled into the altercation, but Gonzalez showing his fist was criticized and became the talk on social networks.

On Monday, 18 June 2012, the area outside of the National Assembly were troubled by the discussions over Bill 486 and the proposed sale state owned shares in the electric companies; and later with the presentation by the Minister of Economy and Finance Frank De Lima, he included the proposed sale of the state owned shares in the Cable & Wireless telecommunications company, the tense atmosphere forced the debate to be suspended.

The next day, on Tuesday 19 June 2012, with riot police using movable cyclone fences deployed to secure the perimeter of the National Assembly, the atmosphere was further impeded, and Gonzalez led the debate on Bill 486 for the electric companies and Bill 488 for Cable and Wireless. During an attempt by the opposition, united and agitated, who were trying to stop the debate, Deputy Raul Pineda from the PRD interrupted the session wielding a police baton in his hand. The intention, he said, was to stop the discussion with this political strategy, but not assault Vice President Gonzalez. On stage in the area of the Presidency the full membership of the National Assembly observed as Pineda closed on Gonzalez with the police baton in his hand, and he shoved him hard, while Gonzalez froze and others intervened.

In the heat of the moment on that same day, Tuesday 19 June 2012 in the National Assembly, Gonzalez made some harsh statements against Pineda. "I have kept my composure as I committed to the media, but he who keeps his composure is not to say that things will remain as they are. I'm from San Miguelito, and it should be known that I'm from San Miguelito, and let's see what happens in San Miguelito. In San Miguelito we're going to meet up in Patio Limoso and we're going to fix this crap," he said. He even announced he would be filing a complaint against Deputy Pineda.

But on Thursday night, 21 June, an event occurred that made all eyes turn toward Gonzalez. The team of the PRD Deputy was attacked near K Street, in Paraiso (San Miguelito). In the attack Pineda's assistant and friend Gilberto "Kiki" Pinzon was killed, and his sister the teacher Annet Pineda was seriously wounded.

Perhaps due to the the heat of it all, the President Ricardo Martinelli appeared before midnight at the San Fernando Hospital to visit Deputy Pineda in this hard time. "Here at the San Fernando hospital attending the Pineda family in difficult times," Martinelli Tweeted at 11:39 pm that night.

Then, at midnight Deputy Pineda made a statement to the press to disassociate (the attack) from the vice president of the Assembly, and he spoke of threats made by the candidate for deputy, Juan Ramon Messina. That same morning, the president takes his words and emphasizes that it is an internal problem of the PRD.

On Friday June 22, the PRD politician Kathy Ramos, wife of Messina, called a press conference in the morning where she rejected the accusations being made by Pineda. In the afternoon, the National Executive Committee (CEN) of the PRD accused Martinelli of entangling the political party and called for an investigation.

During a television interview Gonzalez said he only made his statements in the heat of the moment. On Saturday, 23 June at the Bronco Steak restaurant in the morning Gonzalez met with Pineda, who is from the same circuit in San Miguelito, where the politician apologized. They smoked the peace pipe. No one has pointed to Gonzalez directly with any crime after he spoke of Patio Limoso, but Pineda exempted him from the events.

On Sunday, 24 June 2012, Gonzalez was together with Sergio "Chello" Gálvez, who aspires to be the next President of the National Assembly, together with the current President Héctor Aparicio, at the racetrack.

On Monday morning, 25 June 2012, the PRD political candidate Kathy Ramos once again returned to raise her cannons against Deputy Pineda, and accused him of trying to get (her husband) Messina out of the way to later continue his game with Martinelli.

And then the unexpected - before noon, Deputy Gonzalez announced he was withdrawing his aspirations to preside over the National Assembly. "With the events that have occurred, I think I deserve to take a step back," he said at the press conference on Monday June 25.

Now the Deputy Chello Galvez, who has been criticized for his absenteeism in the National Assembly, has the space thanks to a Gonzalez who has been affected by the recent events, who even entered into a verbal fight in mid-April with his colleague Marylín Vallarino over a Bill about child support payments. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: They still call Marco Gonzalez "El Dedo" (The Finger) because on 31 January 2012 he flipped off the peanut gallery as he was being interviewed by TVN's Magda Maxwell in front of the National Assembly. There were several others who were also aspiring to be the next President of the National Assembly, but in reality for this next term it came down to Marco Gonzalez and Chello Galvez. Now that Gonzalez has pulled back, it's pretty much a clear path for the "sexual buffalo" for the win. Galvez is on his third political party this time around with the CD.

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