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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 10:38 AM EDT

Carles Says A Group Of "Para-Governmentals" Is Working For The Martinelli Administration To Attack Panameņistas

Luis Ernesto Carles - Careera Politician and Member Of The Panameņista Political Party
Luis Ernesto Carles - Careera Politician and Member Of The Panameņista Political Party
The former minister and member of the Panameņista political party Luis Ernesto Carles described people who were handing out fliers as "infamous." The fliers contained attacks against the Vice President of Panama who is also the President of the Panameņista party Juan Carlos Varela, saying he has interests in the lands of John Hombrķn along the coast of Cocle, the titling of which is under investigation.

Carles denounced this Tuesday, 26 June 2012, on Telemetro Report, that there is a group of "para-governmentals," financed by the high command of this Government, who are dedicated to "do this kind of leafleting, to make banners, upload videos to Youtube, and to [make] wiretaps of opposition leaders, union leaders, and civil society." According to Carles, who is also the former Vice Minister of Labor, this group is responsible for making a "dirty campaign" to discredit those who question the government. "[This] is a persistent action of this Government that after they screw up, that after they put their hand (into the pot), then they want to blame and smear other people," he said.

When asked about the people who were handing out flyers, Juan Carlos Varela told the newspaper La Prensa that "no kind of attack, lie or intimidation by the government is going to silence me," while he attributed the situation to "the President [of the Republic ] who wants to divert attention from the serious attacks on democracy."

An investigation by La Prensa revealed that Villamonte - who worked in a Papadimitriu family business - approved the title for 54 hectares of land in Juan Hombrķn free of charge, to be divided into parcels smaller than five hectares. The investigation also revealed that the real owners of the original societies, as well as those to which the lands were transferred, are the Papadimitriu family. Yesterday the National Land Authority (Anati) reported that the decisions of annulment of the titles still do not apply, because the victims have filed complaints that have not yet been resolved. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Remember that La Prensa is practically the official news outlet for the Panameņista political party, and it's owner Roberto Eisenmann is at war with Ricardo Martinelli over a $3 million dollar bill for back taxes. Anything in La Prensa will always been 100% in favor of the Panameņista position, and 100% against the Cambio Democratico and Ricardo Martinelli. They have completely lost any sense of impartiality, and are now a completely biased news media outlet. They don't like the PRD either, but they flat-out HATE Martinelli. Carles was the guy who was featured in a recording of a cell phone conversation, uploaded on YouTube, in which he was buying chain saws to be used by protesting Indians in the province of Bocas del Toro to cut down trees and block roads, and welding equipment they were going to use in order to cut down cell phone or power transmission towers. So yeah, he's complaining about these groups, but he also got caught, and now he's trying to shift the blame (apparently) to those who caught him. And of course La Prensa left all of that out. All of these guys from all three teams are all playing the same game.

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