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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 09:40 AM EDT

Martinelli Kept His Promise - Withdraws Fifth Chamber Supreme Court Nominees

PoliticsYesterday the executive Cabinet Council passed a resolution revoking their earlier resolution Number 58 of 14 June 2012, which had appointed Arturo Vallarino, Anabel Padilla and Lilia Herrera as the new magistrates on the Supreme Court to fill the three new positions in the Fifth Chamber. On 20 June President Ricardo Martinelli promised to withdraw the appointments and to repeal the Fifth Chamber, following the widespread rejection by citizens in the streets. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: Martinelli kept his word, and the Fifth Chamber thing won't be happening on his watch. I believe the the people on Martinelli's team are finally starting to figure out a few fundamental truths. First of all, Martinelli himself is not going to be running for reelection in 2014. It's illegal, he's prevented from being reelected by the Constitution, and there's no way the people would either stand for it, or vote for him if they managed to figure out a way to rig the rules. So if that's your starting premise then the focus and priority for the CD political party should be on working towards getting their candidate elected in 2014. It seems to me like all three "teams" (the PRD, Panameñistas, and CD) are still divided, splintered, fractured, and sort of flying without a compass. All they know is they have to attack the other side, but they seem to be doing it without a strategic plan. It's still very early in the game, and someone should tell Martinelli that he's accumulated enough political and economic power, and they should simply forget all of the political power plays - leave that to the opposition - and focus on getting things done. More work, less political bullshit.

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