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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 10:12 PM EDT

Electoral Prosecutor Conducting Investigations in El Bebedero Case

PoliticsTo clarify whether or not there was an electoral crime committed in the case of the elections in the district of El Bebedero de Tonosí in the province of Los Santos, the electoral prosecutor of the Azuero, Dilia Cornejo, will choose 20 people at random this Friday June 29 to question them on the subject. The diligence being conducted today would be the second sampling that has been done, after Dario Savvedra from the PRD political party, who was a candidate at the time of the election to be the Representative for El Bebadero, denounced that the candidate from the Cambio Democratico political party, Nidia Cureña - who won the election - allegedly used public funds to encourage voters to choose her.

The interrogations today will also be done, as Cornejo explained on TVN News, because they think it is necessary to expand the first diligence that was conducted about two months ago. The prosecutor said likewise, that this sampling will conclude the investigation of the Electoral Prosecutor in order to later present their opinion to the Electoral Tribunal, which will have the last word. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: No matter what the evidence states, the decision by the Electoral Tribunal will probably go in favor of the PRD and against the CD. The Electoral Tribunal is now completely corrupted, and it's basically a PRD controlled entity that has lost any sense of being a fair arbitrator of disputes.

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