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Wednesday, August 20 2014 @ 02:49 AM EDT

Politicians Ask Mulino To Reveal Names

PoliticsIn response to the statements made yesterday by the Minister of Public Security Jose Raul Mulino on the alleged infiltration of drug trafficking into politics, many political leaders asked him to reveal the names of the persons involved. The Vice President of the PanameŮista political party, Alcibiades Vasquez, urged the minister to file a complaint with the Public Ministry. "What politicians are they? It is very unfortunate that the minister generalized," said Vasquez. Meanwhile, the leader of the Partido Popular, Teresita YŠniz de Arias, said the electoral reform bill contains a cap on campaign spending policies and the obligation to disclose the names of the donors, but "it was the Democratic Change which was opposed."

Olimpo Saenz of the MOLIRENA party also asked the Minister to disclose the names of the politicians. "They should know who they are," he said. On Thursday, Minister Mulino said citizens should be careful when voting for a candidate in 2014, because many people who are running have been linked to drug trafficking. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: If the CD guys have solid information that candidates from other political parties are receiving donations from drug traffickers, then I expect they will wait until it gets closer to the next general election in May 2014 to file those complaints. If they filed them now, then the opposition parties would have time to fill those spots with new candidates. If they wait, then they can tarnish the candidate and the party he or she represents, and there won't be enough time for a replacement to mount a successful challenge. Remember the allegations that both Bobby Velasquez and Balbina Herrera had supposedly received $3 million dollars in cash (each) from David Murcia? That came out right at the end of the campaign season and just before the election, and it helped Ricardo Martinelli to win the Presidency, and Bosco Vallarino to win as the Mayor of Panama City. These recent statements by Jose Raul Mulino just smell like a reaction to the murder of a PRD politician in San Miguelito last weekend, and he was vague because he can't be specific and get away with it.

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