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Sunday, August 31 2014 @ 04:33 AM EDT

Kanaan Minks - Son Of Robin D. "Rob" Minks - The Man Who Cleaned Out A Dead Man's Bank Account in Panama

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Kanaan Minks - Son of Robin 'Rob' Minks - Melbourne Florida USA
Kanaan Minks - Son of Robin 'Rob' Minks - Melbourne Florida USA
By DON WINNER for - I received the following email this morning from Kanaan Minks, the son of Robin D. "Rob" Minks - Accused Scam Artist - Possibly Looking For Next Victim in Panama. You remember him, he was the guy who was caught draining the money out of his dead "friends" bank account after he died. This morning his son wrote to me, saying;

  • Don Winner,

  • The following article was a vehicle for Deborah (Debi) Lynne Bardís defamation either of her direct command or through her compensated sailing coconspirators Sid and Manuela Olshefski from Los Angeles, California:


  • She took a 3 year sailing vacation around the Caribbean and South America, and swayed me into caring for her responsibilities, because I have since learned her own family wants nothing to do with her or she consciously abandoned the remaining ones, including her own children. Out of the kindness of my heart I took care of EVERY responsibility she had, which was many. I have every document that counters all her slanderous lies against me type-portrayed in your article. The bank account that she claims I drained was a joint account in both her and my names (I have all bank documents reflecting this). It consisted of her and my fatherís savings, and of other funds. I had to secure what little she left in the account after she left my father for-dead in a Colombian prison on false accusations/lies to steal most everything he owned (I have proof of this also). I have documentation and witnesses specifying she was returned ALL her belongings which she dropped on me before this lengthy escape. I made sure everything was well documented, because I started catching her in lies and increasingly erratic behavior during her 6 month stay in our home (out of the kindness of our hearts). I have ALL the documents showing that I had a one-half ownership in ďherĒ, so-called, sailboat. The only egregious predator I know is Debi; she is the only person everyone should be on the lookout for. She skillfully gained the trust and hearts of my family and me, only to pillage and plunder what she could once she masterfully probed into everything about us and skillfully manipulated us. We have all been through quite enough with her and her guerrilla obsession with our family.

  • Where is the police report stating I stole anything from her?! If someone has as much as a DVD stolen from them they call the police and report it. She was allegedly cleaned out of $140,000+ (according to this article) and there is still no police report. It takes 5 minutes to file, but it wonít happen because this, like everything that surrounds her, is a lie or make-believe. Please look it up! She used you, like she uses everyone that has ever crossed her path to recklessly advance her own selfish motives.

  • I respectfully ask (on advice from my attorney) you remove my name and this section from this article, as it is based strictly on perniciousness and defamation. I also ask that the new edit is reflected on your shared or affiliate databases (to remove this content off not only your website, but also all others). Lastly, I ask for your written statement of your oral conversations or copies of the emails Deborah used in creation of this article, as this information will be added to a defamation lawsuit and other legal actions against her as she has plagued us enough. It will be the courtís decision to side on our factual evidence or her defamatory accusations.

  • I canít thank you enough for your passion for Panama and respecting me and my family during these dreadful times for us,

  • Kanaan Minks"

Editor's Comment: And not a word about your father draining a dead man's bank account? Yeah, dreadful times. In a word, fuck off. My dirtbag radar went off the charts on this email. You might be able to slick-talk a lot of people on this planet, but I'm not one of them. If there's a legal battle pending between you, your father, and anyone else, then that's your problem and not mine. I wrote this article to WARN the rest of the community of English speaking expatriates who live in the Republic of Panama about the FACT that your father cleaned out a dead man's bank account, a person who was supposedly his friend. He actually started cleaning out the bank account while his "friend" had not yet died, but was in the hospital on his death bed. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Did I remember to say fuck off? Oh yeah, that's in there. Do you have any other questions for me? On a personal note, you and your father would have to work really hard to get any lower on my list of the biggest scumbags in the world. Un-friggin' believable. Some people have real balls... (Add mental image of me flipping you the bird - here.)

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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Kanaan Minks - Son Of Robin D. "Rob" Minks - The Man Who Cleaned Out A Dead Man's Bank Account in Panama | 1 comments | Create New Account
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Kanaan Minks - Son Of Robin D. \"Rob\" Minks - The Man Who Cleaned Out A Dead Man\'s Bank Account in Panama
Authored by: Anonymous on Tuesday, July 03 2012 @ 02:33 PM EDT

I see the sociopathic seed didn't fall far from the tree. He actually included a reference to an attorney. Cool...