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Wednesday, August 27 2014 @ 09:17 PM EDT

Killing the "Martinelli Reelection" Myth

Luis Eduardo Camacho - Panama Government Spokesman
Luis Eduardo Camacho - Panama Government Spokesman
Government spokesman Luis Eduardo Camacho said the Government is neither thinking about nor talking about the reelection of the President of the Republic. "The opposition are those who say President Martinelli wants to be reelected, however this is not true," he said. He said all administrations would like to see the election of a figure (person) who would continue with the projects for the country, but nothing more. As for governance, he said they will continue to execute the works and projects that will benefit the country. He said on the channel 2 TVN morning news the amount of projects they are developing will not leave the country without money. "This is so because the Panamanian economy is a role model for the world. Panama is not bankrupt, nor is it going to be," he added. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Also true. Every time any opposition politician claims Ricardo Martinelli wants to be reelected, the Presidency should issue a press release directed at whichever member of the political opposition who made that statement and address the issue again and again - and repeat the simple fact (truth) that Ricardo Martinelli will not be seeking reelection in 2014. He's preventing from doing so by the Constitution. Martinelli personally does not want the job after 2014. And what's more, the people pf Panama would not vote for him anyway, because while they might like what the CD has done under this administration, but not to the point of supporting a Martinelli reelection bid. And, it's natural and normal for the CD as a political party to want to see their candidate win the election in 2014, whoever that person or candidate might turn out to be. The CD like the rest of the political parties will have to hold their primary election first to sort out the field of potential candidates. In the meantime, they can continue to work to kill this never ending "Martinelli reelection" myth. Just keep pounding the stake, and eventually the vampire will die, or at least anyone who continues to repeat it will be see as an uninformed self-serving manipulative compulsive liar (a.k.a. - "politician").

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