Education Minister Lucy Molinar Will Not Resign - Staying Out Of Politics

Tuesday, July 03 2012 @ 03:09 PM UTC

Contributed by: Don Winner

Lucy Molinar - Minister of Education in the Republic of Panama
Lucy Molinar - Minister of Education in the Republic of Panama
Panama's Education Minister Lucy Molinar made it perfectly clear that she would not resign from office, and she said it would be a personal risk to leave them abandoned, because they are not the ones who are screaming, nor are they trying to call attention to themselves in the news media, because they are simply working. Molinar said "there are people who have embarked on very large ventures with us, but the country does not want to recognized them yet." When asked about the annul report issued every year, Molinar said "we have issued a report every year, but what happens is that no one notices." Minister Molinar also reiterated that the cardinal of Honduras, Oscar Andres Rodriguez, said Education should be taken out of politics. The Minister of Education made her remarks to the press at the Sara Sotillo school in Panama Viejo, where the campus was being fumigated by the Ministry of Health. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: Good for you, Lucy. Just keep doing a great job, and stay out of politics. You'll be seen as "boring" for the news media - while you and your crew simply go about doing what needs to be done, improving the public school system in Panama.

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