Fishing For Peacock Bass on Gatun Lake (ft. Kenny, Jerin, Nicolle, Jonathan, and Armando)

Tuesday, July 03 2012 @ 04:52 pm EDT

Contributed by: Don Winner

By DON WINNER for - Yesterday my son and I went fishing on Gatun Lake with some friends. As the saying goes "even a bad day fishing is better than a good day in the office" so I played "hooky" from work on a Monday to screw off on the lake. We had a lot of fun, caught 86 fish - more if you count the fish we threw back because they were too small to make a decent fillet.

I've been fishing on Lake Gatun hundreds of times, starting in 1987 when I was stationed on Howard Air Force Base. At that time we would mostly hire the guides out of Arenosa, and we went out a couple of times a month (shout out to Scott Birnel who went on a lot of those trips.) Then later after I retired from the military and moved back to Panama I bought a small fishing boat with a friend, but it's been neglected lately and I haven't been doing much fishing. With the project to expand the Panama Canal and all of the dredging being done to deepen the main channel, the water over by Gamboa is dirty and silted, so you have to motor all the way down to Barro Colorado and get off to the West to get into some cleaner water. Yesterday we went out of Arenosa, and the water was crystal clear - mostly because it's 12 miles away from where the dredging is taking place. The fish over there have not changed - you get more fish in the cooler, but they tend to be smaller. The "lunkers" are in deeper water and yesterday we (meaning, Jerin) only caught one of relatively respectable size. No matter - it was a lot of fun. And I've promised myself to get out there more frequently. Here's a YouTube video of our fishing trip in Lake Gatun to catch Peacock Bass in Panama;

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