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Tuesday, September 02 2014 @ 05:10 AM EDT

Milton Henríquez Would Like To See Gerardo Solís Remain On The Electoral Tribunal

PoliticsThe President of the Partido Popular political party Milton Henriquez said they would propose to the Electoral Reform Committee that the electoral system should remain intact. "We do not want the Electoral Law to be reformed, not even if they approve the reforms reached via consensus, because by now at this point in the game it's too late," he said. He said they would submit a proposal to the Commission on Electoral Reform asking the Supreme Court to re-appoint Gerardo Solis as a magistrate on the Electoral Tribunal. According to Henriquez, Judge Solis has proven he can withstand pressure. "Any other impartial person would have to prove they could endure pressure from President Ricardo Martinelli," he said. Henriquez said it would not be appropriate to appoint a judge who does not know what is happening in the Electoral Tribunal, because that would be some kind of brake on the good performance of the process.

"Let us come to the elections with the system we accepted in 2009 and which will serve us well in 2014," he added. On Wednesday the Electoral Reforms Committee will reconvene at 10:00 am, after they were requested to meet by the opposition parties, a request that was echoed by the Electoral Tribunal. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: First of all, according to my analysis there is absolutely zero chance of Geraldo Solis remaining on the Electoral Tribunal after his term expires this fall. I mean, none. There are three magistrates on the Electoral Tribunal, each of them named to the bench by one of the three branches of government. In the case of Geraldo Solis, his replacement will be named by the Supreme Court - which is controlled and dominated by Ricardo Martinelli. I think he is the only magistrate on the Electoral Tribunal who will be leaving before the 2014 elections.

Eduardo Valdés Escoffery's term on the bench of the Electoral Tribunal was renewed for another ten years on 29 December 2006, when he was reappointed by then president Martin Torrijos (PRD). He is serving a ten year stint until December 2016. And at about the same time the National Assembly reelected Erasmo Pinilla to remain on the bench of the Electoral Tribunal. The third judge, Geraldo Solis is 100% PRD. He worked in the Ministry of the Presidency under Ernesto Perez Balladares in the 90's, and he was also the Minister of Housing before being appointed by Perez Balladares as the Electoral Prosecutor in 1999. Then in 2006 the PRD controlled Supreme Court named him as a Judge on the Electoral Tribunal, in a term than ends on 14 November 2012. In the past few years the Electoral Tribunal has lost any sense of being neutral, and has repeatedly adopted positions and taken positions that are in favor of the PRD and against the CD. This is a very bad thing for something as important to Panama's democracy as the Electoral Tribunal - and it's the one thing Ricardo Martinelli does not control.

The statements made by Milton Henríquez in this article are so far out there in pipe dream territory that they surpass "wishful thinking" and enter the realm of "masturbatory hallucination." Solis was named by the PRD. As the President of the Electoral Tribunal he has ensured they make every possible decision to go in favor of the PRD whenever possible, and against the CD. In short, the CD guys hate his guts, and they are going to eject his ass over the wall with a display of fireworks, and then throw a party after he's gone. Remember, much of what drives Ricardo Martinelli is a desire for payback against Ernesto Perez Balladares and the PRD. There's no way in hell Solis stays on the bench one day after 14 November 2012. C'ya.

And what's more, Milton Henríquez's Popular Party is down to about 25,000 members at last count and they represent less than 1% of the voters. The chances are good the party will be dissolved after the 2014 elections. Once that happens, Milton Henríquez will become just another talking head and a member of the "civil society" the journalists turn to whenever they need content and comments to fill their columns and air time. He's a politically weak and fading politician who's simply on the wrong team, but he does manage to get his name and face in the papers and on television with surprising regularity. Mostly because very few people ever take the time to ask themselves the fundamental question - "why should I care about what that dude thinks?"

And on a side note, if you guys can follow this shit, you'll know more about Panamanian politics and the functioning of the Electoral Court than most Panamanians.

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Milton Henríquez Would Like To See Gerardo Solís Remain On The Electoral Tribunal
Authored by: Anonymous on Thursday, July 05 2012 @ 09:28 AM EDT

Besides the points you indicate, these Magistrates of the Electoral Court are being charged of being in contempt of Supreme Court rulings in the matter of the CD legislators to the Parlacen, plus unjustified delays in the resolution of EL Bebedero elections. I don't think the Supreme Court will be very enthusiastic to nominate persons demonstrating lack of respect to their office.