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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 03:34 AM EDT

Supposed Confession of Raul Mata in Juan Hombron Case Circulating In YouTube Video

Corruption[image1_right] "I'll tell you one thing. I have been amazed this mess has continued. I don't understand, if Jimmy was the one who bought it. If she worked for Jimmy, Anabel is (nothing) because if I work for the president or vice president or the minister, so hey, if they send me to do things and I tell you, then you respond to me," says the person later identified as Raul Mata.

This is one of the claims made by a person in a video circulating on the internet and in which it is told who would be linked to the irregular sale of 54.3 acres of beachfront land on the shores of Juan Hombrón, in the province of Cocle, that was awarded free of charge to 12 companies and two individuals. The case was made ​​known through an investigation of La Prensa.

The statements heard in the video - and which appear to have been edited - were obtained during a conversation with fishermen in their confidence that they recorded without his knowledge, according to a person who participated in the conversations and who introduces the video. The person, who appears only as a silhouette, said he has to protect his identity for his safety and that of his family, "because of the situation and the persecution in the country."

"If you're sending me to award this mess and, in one fell swoop, you're going to tell me that I will be taken to prison one day, Raul Mata, and that I'm not going to be getting out, the first thing I will say is give me a phone because I'm going to call Alvarado, and I'll say this shit is like so, so, so, - here I have the evidence, I put this guy to do this ... or you're going to stand up for me, or if not then I'm going to talk," says the person in the video. (Prensa)

Editor's Comment: I listened to this recording, and it does seem to have been edited. Specifically it caught by ear that several key phrases were cut out, and specifically one that mentions a potential murder. It seems to me that whoever created or released this audio recording has crossed purposes - meaning, they want to have their cake and eat it too. Like, there might have been details or elements on the original that implicated or compromised other individuals that the person making this video would like to protect. In any case, it's interesting, however I doubt any of it will ever be used in court. Raul Mata has been identified as the intermediary who actually made the payments to the fishermen who originally owned the land. In earlier statements he has said he has never met Jimmy Papadimitriu, but in this recording (if it's actually him) he seems to be bragging that he was working directly for the Minister, and that Annabelle Villamonte should be taking orders directly from him, and that she is nothing and not important. He also said he would not be going down alone. In any case, this video makes more details available to be further investigated. And of course Raul Mata can simply say "that's not my voice" and then leave it to someone else to come forward and prove otherwise. High stakes Panamanian hardball political games being played here. It never gets boring.

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