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Friday, August 29 2014 @ 02:21 PM EDT

Martinelli Says Reforms To Electoral Code Will Go Forward

PoliticsPresident Ricardo Martinelli said Thursday that the National Assembly will discuss electoral reforms, because that is the cry. "Everyone here wanted electoral reform, and electoral reforms there will be," said Martinelli. The decision of the President was given even though the Electoral Reform Commission, which includes representatives of opposition parties, organized civil society and the Electoral Court asked for the withdrawal of the proposed reforms in the National Assembly of Deputies, saying there is no room for discussion, so that during the next government the reforms can be implemented as approved by consensus.

"It is quite right what the President said," said Edwin Zuniga, of the ruling Cambio Democratico after hearing about what Martinelli said. Deputy Hernan Delgado also considered it to be a negligence of the judges of the Electoral Court to request the withdrawal of the project. Zuniga made ​​the proviso that as Deputies, they can add Articles at any point, and they are not limited to what was said in the Roundtable discussions. Meanwhile, Delgado said the petition of the magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal is an ignorance of the functions of the National Assembly. (TVN)

Editor's Comment: The job of the Electoral Tribunal is to oversee elections, as defined by the laws of Panama. The problem is that currently, the three judges on the Electoral Tribunal are not, in fact, neutral. The Electoral Tribunal is owned and operated by the PRD, and it would better serve the interests of the PRD political party if the proposed electoral reforms are not implemented. There is a movement and push by the minority parties to kill the initiative to pass the reforms to the electoral code, and the CD is indicating strongly they will proceed with those changes anyway. Expect another fight, and more headlines. One of the reasons the CD wanted Sergio Galvez running the National Assembly is because he will jam shit through without caring about the consequences. If Raul Pineda gets in Galvez's face (the same way he bum rushed Marco Gonzalez) he'll get his ass kicked right there on the floor of the Assembly. Well, at the very least he'll get sat on by a relatively fat man.

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