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Saturday, August 30 2014 @ 02:29 AM EDT

Minister of the Presidency Rejects New Attack

PoliticsThe Minister of the Presidency, Jimmy Papadimitriu said: "For clear reasons of political opposition and using a video, whose authorship has no one responsible, Mrs. Balbina Herrera is trying again link me to the purchase of land in Juan Hombrón. It would be flippant of us react to the contents of an anonymous recording of dubious origin, and in its content presents a new hooded figure, with an electronically distorted voice, referring to the recording of an alleged conversation between several people, but where only one voice is heard, recounting alleged facts, some of which mention my name."  

The Minister said "the alleged person to whom the hooded figure attributes the voice, on 26 June this year, said publicly in a morning news program that he has never met me nor has he ever talked to me, I can add also, what's more, that I don't know any of the fishermen who sold their possessory rights."

"As I have stated publicly on several occasions, I have nothing to do with the issue of the purchase of the land of Juan Hombrón. As I said also, my parents are among the shareholders in the companies that participated in the purchase of land, and I made ​​it clear that anyone who has any further questions regarding this matter should be directed to Mr. Carlos Carrillo, the attorney for my parents."

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