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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 05:02 PM EDT

Home (Apartment) Invasion Robbery in Panama City - Caught Red Handed (Gringo Almost Shot)

Crime & PunishmentA couple was caught red handed Thursday afternoon while trying to steal from a family's apartment located in Bella Vista. The criminals, a man and a woman with gun in hand, entered the condo and then gagged their victims before putting them on their knees on the floor. Through an anonymous call made ​​to the substation of the National Police in Bella Vista, the authorities were alerted to the situation and they responded to the scene, and managed to capture the two criminals red handed. The victims were released. The two criminals had a 9 mm pistol with 15 rounds of ammunition. The detainees are being held by the authorities. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: This happened near 43rd Street in Bella Vista. They were trying to steal from an apartment on the 19th floor of a new high rise apartment building. The man and woman managed to get past the security on the ground floor and used the elevator to get access to the higher levels. Once there, the woman - who was young and relatively harmless looking - knocked on the door and convinced the residents in the apartment to open the door. Once the door was opened her partner - the man with the pistol - burst in and held everyone at gunpoint. Then they tied their victims up using zip ties. When the police arrived, one of the officers from the "bike" patrol went up to the apartment and banged on the door. The girl opened the door partway and the officer had his weapon drawn. Apparently here was a struggle at the door and the police officer's weapon accidentally discharged.

But Get This: The bullet accidentally discharged from the police officer's service weapon exited that apartment, went across the street, and broke the bedroom window in an apartment where a Canadian man was renting. The bullet broke the window about one foot above his head, where he was laying in bed. That guy and his friend had to spend a few hours down at the police station as well, making a report on the damage in hopes of someday getting the window fixed. They called me to let me know what had happened, and I made a couple of phone calls and managed to speed the process up for them a little bit. Luckily, he didn't get injured or killed. Meanwhile, back across the street...

The Cops Beat The Shit Out Of The Guy: I saw the TVN video of the perp being taken in - the whole left side of his head was one big mash, he had been severely beaten. Of course he was probably resisting arrest, and they hit him until he stopped moving. Anyway, bad guys caught in the act and off to prison they go. A broken window but it could have been worse.

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