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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:06 AM UTC

Bay of Panama Sanitation Project 83% Advanced

Environmental IssuesThe project to clean up the Bay of Panama and Panama City has advanced by 83%, according to Tatiana De Janon, the general coordinator of the project, despite acknowledging there were some mishaps that were resolved along time.

The installation of the sanitary sewer, the collector (larger diameter pipes that collect waste water coming from households), the interceptor system (the tunnel) and the construction of the treatment plant, which should begin operating in early 2013 - are some of the advances that have been made at this stage of construction, said Janon.

She added the start of operations of the waste water treatment plant, and the process of cleaning up the Bay of Panama, also will start the operation of some other systems that have been constructed, such as the basins of the Matías Hernandez river, Río Abajo, Río Tocumen, Río Mataznillo, Río Juan Díaz and Río Tapia.

What's more, once the healing process begins, they will begin to execute the rest of the associated construction projects, in the rest of the areas of the capital city.

New Projects - The general coordinator of the sanitation project announced they are currently working on coordinating the construction of the second stage of the collectors, now in Juan Díaz y Curundú. "The designs of these systems are in their final stage, it is expected that next year these projects will have been tendered and their execution can also be carried out in 2013," said De Janon.

The first stage of the cleanup project, which is presently under construction, will start operating fully in 2015. The official's statements came during the technical workshop "Latin American Experiences In The Recovery Of Metropolitan Bays," in which there were experts from Panama and Brazil. (Prensa)

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