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Monday, September 23 2019 @ 05:49 am EDT

Ancon Residents Upset Over Loss of Trees Near Supreme Court Building

Environmental IssuesResidents of the area of Ancon Cove have been protesting since the early morning hous in the area of the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice, expressing their displeasure over the cutting down of 40 trees and 10 palms in the area. Workers from the Corsione Group arrived and started to erect the screens and fencing at the site for the construction of a new parking garage. Members of the National Police (PN) from the Canal Zone substation are guarding the area. There are an estimated four patrol vehicles and more than a dozen police officers. According to Balbina Herrera, this is a provocation and there was no public consultation for the felling of these trees. Through a project of the Judicial Branch, they will begin construction of a new parking garage located in an area measuring ​​2,784 square meters, were the trees are (were) located. (Panama America)

Editor's Comment: Balbina Herrera, tree hugger? Give me a friggin' break. This is the woman who told the residents of Clayton to "pound sand" as she authorized the construction of high rise buildings as the former Minister of Housing under the Torrijos administration, in an area where previously building heights had been restricted, over the protests of residents about environmental concerns. And now I'm sure Raisa Banfield is right there, shoulder to shoulder with her, crying over the loss of a couple of mango trees. Have you ever had to try to park at the Supreme Court building in order to attend a hearing or a trial? If you have, then you know it's often impossible to park there. I say Thank God they are finally going to fix this problem. Panamanian environmental law requires that two trees be planted (somewhere else) for every one you knock down to build something. So, in order to get their Environmental Impact Statement approved by the ANAM, the Corcione Group would have had to specify exactly what they were going to do to comply, and where these 100 trees were going to be planted. But of course the tree huggers fail to mention that. Whatever. Radicals of whatever stripe are funny to watch.

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