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Monday, September 01 2014 @ 07:24 PM EDT

PRD Ready For Internal Party Election Tomorrow (Sunday)

PoliticsMembers of the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) have highlighted the presence of a representative of the Electoral Tribunal at each polling station as a major exhibition of transparency in the election of delegates to be held this Sunday. Precisely for the audit work, the Electoral Tribunal trained a total of 1,303 table supervisors and approximately 600 junta supervisors for this election. These staff members will work in the Electoral Corporations of the PRD and will monitor the voting process (the installation of tables, distribution of minutes, and vote counting). (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: According to the most recent statistics from the Electoral Tribunal, the PRD political party has more than 480,000 members. Tomorrow the PRD party will be having an internal election to select delegates to attend their upcoming convention. This election is the first step of a two step process the PRD uses to select their party's leadership and the members of their National Executive Committee. All PRD party members can vote in tomorrow's election, and historically speaking the party normally sees a turnout of about 30% or so, therefore about 144,000 people should be casting votes tomorrow. They will be electing 4,200 convention delegates to represent them. These 4,200 delegates will cast their votes in August to select the members of the CEN, such as the Secretary General of the PRD, the party President, as well as the dozens of other lower ranking positions. Former Panama City Mayor Juan Carlos Navarro is facing off against the current Secretary General of the PRD Mitchell Doens for the top spot of Secretary General, but that won't be decided until August.

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