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Friday, August 22 2014 @ 11:32 PM EDT

Ballot Errors Cause Suspension of PRD Elections in La Chorrera

PoliticsThe election process to select convention delegates for the PRD political party in three schools in the neighborhood of Colon in La Chorrera were suspended today, because the paper ballots being used did not show the numbers 23 and 24, but the 25 was repeated twice. Amid discussions the elections were suspended at the Naciones Unidas schools, in Fuente del Chase and Leopoldo Castillo.

At the first school there were clashes between PRD leaders from different groups, because there were those who wanted to simply scratch the ballot and write in the missing numbers. Meanwhile, in the schools of the República de Costa Rica and Victoria D Spinay in Barrio Colón, both also in La Chorrera, the same situation occurred but the elections continued anyway.

The president of the CEN of the PRD in La Chorrera Luis Guerra confirmed the suspension of the elections in the neighborhood of Colon, and the said they would be repeated in the future. "Anything that would have altered the ballot with a scratch out or a blot would be subject to a challenge, and because of this the election commission chaired by Lic. Arjona together with Moyito Estribí, the elections coordinator of the Western Part of the Province of Panama, and the chiefs of the nominees all agreed the elections could not be done this way, and therefore they were suspended in the neighborhood of Colon in La Chorrera," said Luis Guerra.  

Darlinda Carriazo, a candidate for PRD Convention Delegate from La Chorrera harshly criticized the Electoral Tribunal, and asked for them to not blame their party members, and she also said they should look to find those who are responsible for what happened, and not leave it at that.

A candidate and one of those effected by the error, Ramon Bosques, described the situation as a human error, and said soon the dates for the new elections will be announced.

Electoral Tribunal officials explained that everything was caused by mistakes made by the PRD party themselves, and any effort to alter, delete, or erase the ballot could cause the entire election to be challenged. (Panama America)

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