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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 01:07 AM UTC

Varela Says Political Parties Should Take Measures To Keep Drug Money Out Of Politics

Drug TraffickingThe Vice President Juan Carlos Varela, who is also the President of the Panameñista political party, said today 8 July 2012, the leaders of the political parties must take measures to keep drug traffickers from influencing the parties. Varela made ​​a tour of the populous district of San Miguelito to meet with Panameñista party leaders.

"I think the political parties must take measures and precautions to prevent organized crime, drug trafficking and money laundering from infiltrating the political process," he reiterated. He added said his commitment is to work against insecurity, and to change the lives of citizens in Panama's poorest neighborhoods.

Varela called upon President Ricardo Martinelli to not impose the electoral reforms, because the Electoral Court judges met with the board of political parties, with the Chamber of Commerce and a decision was made that the reforms should be kept out of discussions in the National Assembly. "He (Martinelli) should not impose" and "if it does once again the people will teach him to respect the Panamanian people," he said.

RPC Radio said democracy belongs to three million Panamanians, and not him (Martienlli) and their defector Deputies who were purchased with state resources. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: More and more, Varela is just trying to retain a degree of relevancy. The Panamanian voters have already sent a message to the Panameñista party - and they now represent less than 15% of the population of the country. By election time, it will be hard for Varela to score more than 10% at the polls, because there will be many more defections from his quickly sinking ship.

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