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Tuesday, June 18 2019 @ 12:36 AM UTC

Residents of Ancon Protesting Plans To Build Parking Garage For Supreme Court

Environmental IssuesResidents of Ancon are on alert over plans to cut down 40 trees and 10 royal palms to build a parking lot for the Supreme Court. One inhabitant said the construction of parking for the Court would destroy the harmony of the environment. Raisa Banfield asked the President of the Supreme Court Moncada Luna through her Twitter account to sit down to talk. While today July 9, the leader of the Democratic Revolutionary Party, Balbina Herrera, joined the residents, saying there are alternatives, and asking for the trees not to be cut down. Herrera said the parking lots can be built underground. (Estrella)

Editor's Comment: I've had to go to the Supreme Court building dozens, if not hundreds of times. There's never any place to park. It's a nightmare, and usually I have to get "creative" with my Jeep and park it somewhere sedans can't travel. So I say screw those 40 trees - chop those puppies down and plant 300 somewhere else to make up for the environmental sin of having to make room for progress. Someone should remind these "tree huggers" that 100 years ago - where their houses are built - it was all nothing but virgin jungle that had never been cut. So, let's protest to advocate bulldozing their houses in Ancon and to replant the trees there. I mean, it's only been 100 years, right? It's not too late to return the "environment" to it's natural state. We can bring in some more critters, too - it'll be great! The hypocrisy of these people drives me nuts.

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