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Monday, April 22 2019 @ 10:26 PM UTC

West Coast University of Panama Called Into Question

Schools & EducationThrough a brochure, the West Coast University of Panama is launching a four-day diploma course in Senior Management of Corporate Security at a price of $1,490 dollars. However, the National Council of University Assessment and Accreditation (CONEAUPA) said the West Coast University de Panamá is not reflected in their records. According to the CONEAUPA there are 36 universities that have been legally established, with curricula that have been endorsed by the University of Panama - and the West Coast University of Panama is not among them. The West Coast University of Panama is also not reflected in the records of the Ministry of Education.

Even so, the university continues to promote the diploma, scheduled from 17 to 20 August 2012 in a local hotel, and the cost must be paid through a deposit to a bank account. They do not allow the possibility that interested parties can appear in person to the physical address of the university.

Confirm That The University is Clandestine - Marianna McPherson, the Executive Secretary of CONEAUPA, said they have known about the case of the West Coast University of Panama for several months, and confirmed that the entity is not authorized to operate. According to McPherson, one of the requirements for a house of studies to be able to issue a diploma, bachelor's or master's degree is that it has to be accredited by the CONEAUPA, and this is not the case with the West Coast University of Panama. She said they sent a report to the MEDUCA months ago to notify them of this irregularity.

When asked about the case, the MEDUCA, through its Press Office, said they would summon those who are listed as being responsible for this university to be accountable to the Directorate of Legal Services of the Ministry.

On the website of this supposed university which is organizing the event ( reports that an Argentine citizen Rodolfo Farrington is responsible for that entity. Farrington is also the President and Co Founder of Securway SA, a consultant for Farringon Advice, and

They Justify the Call: Rodolfo Farrington admitted yesterday that his 'university' has no guarantee from the CONEAUPA or the MEDUCA, but justified the organization of the diploma with the argument that they are doing the relevant procedures in order to obtain accreditation. However, neither the MEDUCA nor the CONEAUPA have any evidence that these procedures are being done.

Farrington does not know how many students have enrolled in the 'diploma' that was scheduled to take place in August. He also said they are "talking" with the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) to sponsor the activity. That's why, said Farrington, they are already using the ATP logo to advertise the event.

Solomon Samah, Minister of the ATP, confirmed yesterday that the entity is not sponsoring the 'diploma' in question, and that the logo of the institution is being used without their consent. Samah said they received a notice of request for sponsorship from the West Coast University of Panama, but it was rejected for not meeting the requirements. "We gave instructions to the Legal Department of the ATP to investigate the case and proceed as provided by law," said the minister. (Siglo)

Editor's Comment: Whoops. Damn, I was going to spend the $9,000 bucks to get my PhD in Martial Arts from the "West Coast University of Panama." Too bad...

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