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Thursday, November 15 2018 @ 07:08 PM UTC

Juan Alvaro Arciria of "Filtro Medusa" Killed His Girlfriend in Vienna, Austria

Bands & Music By DON WINNER for - Juan Alvaro Arciria, who played guitar and sang for the rock band "Filtro Medusa" in Panama City, stabbed his 28 year old girlfriend to death in Vienna, Austria on Saturday night, 7 July 2012. Arciria - who 43 years old and a Colombian citizen - was one of the founding members of the band although he has not played with them for several years. He moved to Vienna, Austria with his girlfriend about two years ago.

Juan Alvaro's friends and former band members in Panama were shocked by the news of these tragic events, the details confirmed by a German language article appearing in the Der Standard newspaper in Austria. I heard about what had happened through mutual friends, and then confirmed the details in the local reporting in Vienna. A very similar article - practically identical - also appeared in the Die Presse newspaper.

According to the article, the 43 year old (Arciria) fatally stabbed his 28 year old girlfriend, and then he threw himself and the murder weapon out of the window. Their four year old daughter was in the apartment when these terrible events occurred, and she was taken by neighbors to safety.

Loud cries from the apartment alerted neighbors to the events, and they called the police. When the authorities arrived they could hear the young girl inside of the apartment but she could not open the door, so they broke it down. Upon entering the apartment they found the 28 year old young woman motionless on the floor with multiple stab wounds. She died at 2:30 am in the hospital as a result of her wounds.

Immediately after the incident, the alleged perpetrator (Arciria) attempted suicide by throwing himself out of their third floor bedroom window. He was admitted to the hospital with traumatic brain injury and broken legs, and he remains in a coma. The suspected murder weapon, a knife, was found on the ground near him.

The little girl was taken for emergency first aid care. She was uninjured, and is now in the care of her grandmother. The police don't have any idea as to the motive for this murder. The neighbors could not say anything about previous vocal disputes because the couple had just recently moved into that apartment.

Editor's Comment: I knew Juan Alvaro Arciria personally and consider him to be a friend. He always seemed to be a very nice guy, and I never saw him do anything violent. I have no idea why he did this. It's a damn shame. Juan Alvaro was "relatively famous" in Panama because of his participation with the rock band Filtro Medusa - and there's going to be a lot of people in Panama who will recognize Juan Alvaro's face even though they might not know his name. Back in the 2004 to 2006 time frame they were playing lots of events. Photo credit to - they have all of the old photos of Juan Alvaro when he was still playing with the band.

Copyright 2012 by Don Winner for Go ahead and use whatever you like as long as you credit the source. Salud.

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