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Friday, August 29 2014 @ 06:23 PM EDT

Former Director of Labor Says There Was Manipulation in Varela Case

Ada Romero - Paname˝ista Politician - Fired From The Ministry of Labor
Ada Romero - Paname˝ista Politician - Fired From The Ministry of Labor
The statements made by Panama's Labor Minister Alma Cortez in relation to an alleged violation by the company Varela Hermanos has generated a series of advertisements and reactions. Regarding this issue, Ada Romero, who served as the National Director of Labor, addressed the issue and said there was manipulation. Romero worked at the Ministry until 13 June 2012, when returning from vacation she found the resolution saying she had been fired. She was part of an inspection performed against the company Varela Hermanos in April 2012. The former official said the inspection team was made up of consultants, managers, inspectors and public relations staff of the Ministry of Labor. A few days ago, Minister Alma CortÚs said the company owned by the Vice President Juan Carlos Varela and his family was not complying with the payment of wages as required by law, then began disseminating propaganda that purportedly shows workers reaffirming the statements made by CortÚs. About these political attack ads, Romero said they were made using the video taken on the day of the inspection, and she also said they were manipulated, especially in the way the workers were addressed. (Telemetro)

Editor's Comment: Ada Romero is a card carrying member of the Paname˝ista political party. As you can see in this document, she was a delegate to their party convention from Bethania. She didn't "go" on vacation back in May, she was "sent" on vacation for thirty days, and fired upon her return. She's just another victim of the breakup of the alliance between the Paname˝ista political party and the Cambio Democratico political party. He position she held - the Director of Labor and the Ministry of Labor - is one of the highest ranking positions in the Ministry. She was making a total of $3,880 per month between her base salary of $2,900 plus $980 per month in expenses. So obviously she was only hired because she came aboard with the Paname˝istas, and they fired her when they figured out she would not play ball in their attacks against Juan Carlos Varela - the President of the (her) Paname˝ista political party. Hey, just doing my part to help keep the playing pieces straight on the board. Do you ever feel like you need a program or a score card? I do... What's worse, these dudes will switch sides as well, making it all even more confusing.

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