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Thursday, August 28 2014 @ 09:21 AM EDT

Shot Dead, Broad Daylight, Middle Of The Street, In Front Of A Large Crowd

Crime & Punishment Aron Alberto Arrocha Aldearan, 27 years old, was gunned down yesterday in broad daylight and in a crowded place. His brutal murder was perpetrated at 11:15 am yesterday, Tuesday in the parking lot of Plaza Mallorca, in Ojo de Agua, San Miguelito. Arrocha Aldearan, who lived in the area 35 of Veranillo, was walking towards Via Transístmica when he was caught by individuals traveling in a red sedan, who opened fire without giving him the opportunity to escape the bullets. The cries of the people seized on the spot, who observed how the vehicle fled at full speed in the direction of Tinajitas, while the victim was bleeding out due to the bullets.

By the time 911 paramedics rushed to the scene, Arrocha Aldearan had already died and they could only help another man who was injured, so he was taken to the San Miguel Arcangel hospital. The event was observed by a large crowd, including women with their children, as if it were a show.

The saddest moment came when relatives of the victim arrived at the scene to verify firsthand that their loved one was dead. One of the mourners said Arrocha Aldearan "was a young worker and good kid," the father of a three-year-old child who will grow up alone. His family is originally from La Palma in Darien.

More blood is shed - In another bloody event, yesterday morning 24 year old Eddy Vasquez died, who was in the Santo Tomas hospital. Vazquez was shot nine shots in sector 35 of Veranillo, San Miguelito, when at 2:35 am on Monday he was in the back of the crowded convenience store. In this case the police are on the trail of some individuals living in Panama Viejo. (Mi Diario)

Editor's Comment: Blowing rivals away in the middle of the street in front of many witnesses in broad daylight seems to be the new method of choice.

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