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Wednesday, September 03 2014 @ 02:57 AM EDT

Electoral Tribunal Suspends Dissemination Of Propaganda Against Varela

Panama NewsBy DON WINNER for - Well, no real surprise there. Apparently the Electoral Tribunal has decided to order a suspension of the dissemination of the political attack ads against the Vice President Juan Carlos Varela. This morning lawyers who work for the Panameņista political party filed a request before the Electoral Tribunal, asking them to intervene and order a halt to the politically motivated television and radio spots. The lawyers allege the videos were made using State resources and with taxpayer dollars.

This is a "breaking news" headline at this point and I'm still waiting for the details.

The fact that the Electoral Tribunal decided in favor of the request made by the Panameņista party and against the Cambio Democratico and Molirena parties is really no surprise at all. The court is "owned and operated" by the PRD and they have lost any sense of being a neutral or fair arbiter a long time ago. And now that the PRD and Panameņista parties have become allies against Martinelli, of course the Electoral Tribunal decided in Varela's favor (as I predicted this morning).

Anyway, now I suspect the CD will appeal to the Supreme Court, who will decide in their favor, and then the Electoral Tribunal will ignore that decision. They've already done exactly that once, who why not a few more times?

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